Ching chong, fuck my anus.
This is a Ryan Ross sexual frustration tumblr~~~~

one day when i marry ryan we’re going to look back at this blog and then reenact some of it 

i mean like

not the weird shit oh my god

but yeah 


idk this blog was nice but it died peace out cub scout 

idk in case you didn’t know my url is i like followers 



shame shame shame 

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this blog almost has 1000 posts omfg

the reason i stopped posting was because everyone stopped submitting idk if i get submissions again i’ll keep it up otherwise i’m deleting the blog 

I’d like to be walking out in a field of sunflowers with Ryan, and he’ll be wearing a deep cut, white, v-neck. We’ll be holding hands and swinging them between us and it’ll be in the middle of summer and the weather will be impeccable and all the sunflowers will turn and follow us as we walk because Ryan is the sun.

And then, it’ll start to rain suddenly and Ryan’s shirt will get so drenched that I will be able to see right through it and I’ll have to tackle him to the ground and ravish him while the storm rages on around us. He’ll yell out about how his hair is getting ruined but I’ll just shove my tongue down his throat to shut him up. I’ll strip him of everything except the white shirt that’s stuck to his body and ride his beautiful monstercock in the rain.

I want to be in a heated argument with him and both of us be really angry about whatever it is we’re arguing about and then I want to angrily kiss him.

And I want us to have the angriest sex ever right there on the floor.


i’m deleting the ryan ross sexual frustration blog 

bark lmao 

i’m deleting this blog 

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hey i came back but none of you care ho ho follow my blog about baking things

ho ho awesome 

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